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Company profile

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For all our products we offer following


• embroidery

• screen printing

• heat transfer .

Additional services

Warehousing facilities

Our warehouse facility is equipped with effi-

cient handling machinery and can accommo-

date the handling of heavy freight. In 2013,

we shipped 8 million sets of working clothes,

more than 2 million pairs of shoes and 30

million units of personal protection equip-

ment to our customers.

Our total warehouse space is over 9,000

square meters. In the UAE, we also have

warehouse facilities for our customers’ con-

venience. Efficient cooperation with carrier

companies enables us to effectively ship and

deliver products to 75 cities across Russia,

the Commonwealth of Independent States

and other key global markets.

At the moment our main warehouse is lo-

cated Sharjah Airport International Free

(SAIF) – Zone. We are ready to deliver your

products to any location within MENA region

or any other convenient location.

Technoavia’s specialists:

• Assist in proper selection and usage of per-

sonal protective equipment, their storage

and maintenance, preform calculations of

economic efficiency.

• Carry out labour safety workshops and

seminars both in Technoavia office as well

as in our customers facilities. Our new

service – organization of on-line seminars

with specialists, representing PPE manufac-

turers, where our clients can address any

relative topics.

• Constant testing new fabrics, materials and

insulation for footwear and workwear pro-