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Company profile

Workwear production

Every year, our production capacity increases. In

2013, 4,5 million garments and 800,000 pairs of

footwear were produced under the Technoavia

trademark. All products conform to international

standards and meet the highest industrial safety re-


Our production capabilities in Russia include

8 clothing factories and 1 shoe factory equipped

with the most modern equipment. The clothing

factories use high-production stitching machines

manufactured by Juki of Japan, while Assyst CAD

software is used for pattern and layout construc-

tion. The shoe factory is equipped with four Ger-

man-made Desma injection-molding machines.

All this combined with professionalism of the staff

gives us a host of possibilities for further strategic


We will transmit this experience to GCC region by

establishing production facilities in Sharjah in the

near future under the Technoavia ME brand. All our

regional outsourcing partners have passed tough

selection to match our standards.

We constantly invest in production modernization

and personnel training to be able to offer high

quality products and services to our customers.

We are always in search of something new, whether

a new collection of work wear and footwear or

a new storage/office management system.

Today, the Technoavia workforce numbers 3500

employees, many have been loyal to the company

for more than 15 years.

All materials used and manufactured products pro-

duced undergo several stages quality control in all

Technoavia factories. Random quality control is

also preformed at all warehousing facilities.

We work only with the most credible producers of

fabrics, fittings and accessories including: Klop-

man (Italy), Concordia (Belgium), 3M (USA), YKK

(Japan), Barnet (USA), Amann (Germany) and

Prym (Germany).

We strive to manufacture the most comfortable

and aesthetically pleasing work wear of the high-

est quality. Moreover, all design work, materials

and process features used in production of our

products wear are strictly in accordance with its in-

tended function.

Bullmer, automated cloth spreading and cutting complex

at the Vyazma clothing factory

Garment designer at work in Assyst, an automated

designing system

Operator of the automated cloth spreading and cutting

complex (ACSCC) at work

Clothing is fabricated on sewing machines by Juki by

highly qualified tailors

Quality control at each stage of production