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Page Background

Technoavia Middle East is regional

subsidiary of Russian-based Tech-

noavia Company. Technoavia is the

leading manufacturer and distribu-

tor of work safety products, such as

workwear, footwear and personal

protective equipment. Our company

was established in 1992 and ever

since has always been regarded as

quality benchmark for the entire

workwear and PPE industry of the

Russian Federation. In 2013,

the company’s factories produced

4,500,000 working apparels (includ-

ing 5,000 special orders for corpo-

rate styled clothing) and over

800,000 pairs of shoes.

Each year we expand production capaci-

ties, increase product release, procure

and install modern equipment.

Each year new company’s representative

offices are opened in cities all around

Russia. In 2013 company has com-

menced its international expansion by

establishing representative office in

United Arab Emirates. Our company,

amongst many others, recognizes great

potential of MENA region and looking

to bring modern complex safety solu-

tions our clients.

Our philosophy is to produce comfort-

able, functional, and presentable work-

wear and footwear of the highest qual-

ity to facilitate your daily work.

Modern human spends most of his time

at work, therefore comfort and safety

have great importance for everyone..

Nothing shall distract workers from the

working process or, especially, interfere

with it. Properly selected clothing,

shoes, and protective equipment ensure

comfortable and safe work. If a worker

feels himself protected, provided with

comfortable clothing, shoes, and suit-

able protective equipment, he can com-

pletely focus on the workflow, thus, in-

creasing work performance and em-

ployee’s loyalty to his company.

What do we do to achieve our quality:

Our factories are equipped with mod-

ern equipment, and we apply modern

production technologies to ensure

steady output quality.

Our garments are produced from the

best materials and insulation to pro-

vide maximum protection.

We develop ergonomic and functional

design for all of our garments and


Technoavia’s specialists are constantly

generating new ideas and aware of all

major modern trends and technologies.

All of our primary suppliers are world-

renowned manufactures with impec-

cable reputation.

To make our garments we use acces-

sories from top brands on the market,

we strongly believe that small things

do make difference.

All the materials used in our produc-

tion are consistently tested in Russian

and International laboratories.

We understand how important is to

provide employees with clothing and

shoes suitable for their work. We test

our products before releasing under

actual production conditions, and

ender clothing, shoes, and protective

equipment for trial purposes if neces-

sary. We understand the importance

of equipping workers with workwear

and footwear which functionality cor-

responds to real working conditions.

That is why we test all of our products

in real working conditions and offer-

ing samples to our clients for trial


We appreciate your feedback and will

always provide you with immediately


Close cooperation with experts and

customers allows us to create new

models that meet the most sophisti-

cated demands.

We monitor the output quality at each

stage of production.

Today, employees of over 40,000 enter-

prises throughout Russia and former So-

viet Union work in our garments.

All the products represented in the Tech-

noavia Middle East catalogue are certi-

fied in accordance with the require-

ments of the Regulations of the Customs

Union and Russian or International Stan-


We also offer additional service such as:

development and introduction of corpo-

rate style, consultancy, product delivery

and specialist visit to your production.

We are team of professionals dedicated

to our work and ready to find solutions

to any complicated and interesting chal-



Andrey Popov, General Director of Technoavia

Technoavia Middle East at Intersec 2014


Company profile