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Over the last six years we have significantly mod-

ernized our shoe factory by installing new equip-

ment, by embracing highly efficient manufactur-

ing processes and constantly improving our oper-

ators’ professional skills and training.

In 2014, we will open a new workshop at the

shoe facility, where we recently installed a fourth

injection-molding machine Germany’s Desma.

The installation of this new machine will enable

us to hoist the production of our modern safety

footwear and expand our model range.

In order to improve footwear fabrication process

and increase labor efficiency, factory was

equipped with modern sewing automatic ma-

chines by Pfaff (Germany) that permit to increase

output of high quality shoe uppers with minimum

number of employees involved. As well, cloth-

cutting and lasting equipment by Schoen (Ger-

many) has been put in operation, and sewing

and fabrication workshops are strengthened with

sewing machines by Duerkoop-Alder (Germany)

High performance molding machines by Desma

installed at the factory allow producing modern

protective footwear made by using direct binding

polyurethane sole construction method with

thermoplastic polyurethane and nitrile rubber

patch, what ensures protection from petrochemi-

cals, oils, aggressive substances, mechanical im-

pacts, and contact with heated surfaces.

In our specialized footwear production we use

thermostable and water-repellent leather mate-

rial, breathable lining material, anti-puncture

metallic liner and non-metallic insole made out

of anti-puncture material, special shields that en-

sure insteps impact protection – all of above

listed facts allow to significantly increase protec-

tive properties of our footwear.

Our production volume ranges from single sam-

ples to batches numbering in the tens of thou-

sands. Long-term cooperation with large compa-

nies allows us to study footwear requirements

and meet the individual corporate style shoes de-

mands of our customers. Footwear can be made

in various colors, with the use of colored acces-

sories such as threads and laces as well as the

customer’s logo.


Company profile

Protective Footwear Production

New machines by Desma for fabricating shoes using direct

sole attach construction method

Sewing automatic machines by Pfaff allowing fabricating

high-quality shoe upper

New series of protective footwear with composite toe cap,


Protective footwear fabricated in a corporate style