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Fireproof Clothing

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Assurance that fabric’s fireproof properties

will remain throughout the whole suit’s usage

period is the key to your peace of mind. Suits

fabricated out of Mars and

Mercury (Klopman,

Italy) with durable FR

treatment Proban®,

resistant to washes

and industrial laundry.

FR indicators of Mars and Mercury

fabrics in several times exceed Rhodia requi-

rements – developer and manufacturer of

Proban® FR technology.

Company Rhodia imposes strict requirements

to quality control, mandatorily and indepen-

dently tests each sample of fabric for FR pro-

perties after 50 washes in accordance with

ISO 17025 method in an accredited labora-


In compliance with stricter requirements of

ISO 15797 (article 8А), Klopman has tested

the fabric for FR properties after 100 washes

at a temperature of 75°С. These tests have

confirmed that the FR properties of the Mars

and Mercury fabric are maintained after mul-

tiple industrial washes. In order to guarantee

high quality and safety standards as per ISO

15025 Part А, Klopman constantly monitors

each stage of treatment application by Pro-

ban®, and executes some additional tests.

Integrated solutions for welders’ protection

New generation

welder’s suits



Proban® is a technology

for imparting fireproof

properties, which retain

after long-term wearing

and multiple washes to cot-

ton and cotton-containing


How does fire affect fab-

rics treated with


When fire affects fabric

treated with Proban®, a

permanent insulated layer

forms to help protecting

the user of this clothing.

Fabrics treated with

Proban® do not smolder,

melt, and fire does not

spread beyond the insulat-

ing layer.

Certification of the fabric manufacturer

under this standard guarantees that the

fabric represents no risk for human’s he-

alth and ensures clothing safety.