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WHY WE ARE CONSISTENTLY DEVELOPING THIS DIVISION The food industry is an injury-prone industry and it is modernising rapidly. There are strict regulations and changes in legislations because it is important to protect not only workers from injury, but also products from contaminants and harmful substances. We have seen a high demand in the food industry for developments of garments - a development that is up-to-date, compliant with all HACCP principles, that can withstand daily industrial washing and aggressive working environments. At the same time, the employee will not only look but feel neat and presentable. Decades of experience have allowed our team to create such garments for workers in the food industry and HoReCa sector. All products are accompanied by a HACCP expert opinion. DESIGN OFFICE FOR FOOD INDUSTRY SAFETY We have a team of designers, constructors and technologists working on the development of HACCP-compliant workwear and footwear. Before designing the models, the team studies the specifics of the profession, working conditions and all the processes that occur in a particular food production facility in order to create safe and compliant workwear and footwear. Since 1992, Technoavia has been helping to protect the life and health of people at the workplace. Ekaterina Iskhakova, Head of the Medical and Food Division of Technoavia Ltd. RISK-ORIENTED APPROACH We adopt an individual approach with each company. We analyse the hazards in order to prevent possible injuries to workers and on this basis we help to select the necessary clothing, footwear and PPE. We also help to train workers in the correct use of different types of PPE. Fully protecting people at work and improving labour conditions at the enterprises is the path we have chosen to follow. Technoavia has more than 100 branches around the world. Our own factories enable us to produce products quickly. Specialists at the factories control processes and quality of products at every stage, and automatic cutting machines and high-performance equipment help to avoid mistakes and speed up our production. We also regularly test all materials in the laboratories to improve the quality of our products. 9 1 garment factories 6,5 million garments per year 1,2 million pairs of shoes per year shoe factory FULL CYCLE PRODUCTION 1

Manufacturer: Klopman (Italy) Workwear made of sustainable fabrics Extremely strong, abrasion resistant fabric with a low wrinkle finish for the Ultra 2 range. The Danube range is made from fabric containing polyester fibres derived from recycled plastic bottles. Fabrics made with polyester from recycled plastic have all the performance and environmental characteristics you expect from Klopman workwear fabrics. Using clear plastic bottles as raw material is an ethical and environmentally friendly method of recycling thousands of tonnes of plastic waste. By choosing clothing made from sustainable materials, you are contributing to the preservation of our planet. Bamboo is a natural antiseptic Bamboo fabric is unique in its properties. It is an environmentally friendly material as bamboo grows for no more than 5 years before it is recycled and does not have time to accumulate toxic substances. After recycling, bamboo fibre is decomposed by microorganisms in the soil, so that the environment is not polluted. The innovative technology of creating fibre from bamboo shoots has become a real breakthrough in the textile industry. Bamboo shoots are used to produce fibre by chopping and converting them into yarns. Bamboo fibres stand out from many other fibres because, in addition to all the advantages of natural fibres, they have unique properties: • antibacterial, which remains even after prolonged use • hypo allergenicity Deodorising effect Moisture absorption Antibacterial properties • hygroscopicity (higher than cotton) • high durability • resistance to burnout • UV ray retention capacity • natural antistatic effect Clothes made from materials in which bamboo is used in production, do not wrinkle (so it is easy to iron), do not stretch, do not shed, they are pleasant to the touch and most importantly - in this clothing is very comfortable.. 2 3 Feelgood Micro Insulation 100% polyester density 150 g/m2 HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) is a system that provides for the systematic identification, assessment and management of risks significantly affecting food safety PROTECTIVE PROPERTIES Production: Tchaikovsky Textile Benefits: Contains sufficient cotton content to absorb moisture, through which air can pass to cool the body and facilitate the evaporation of moisture from the surface of the skin. Low-wrinkle finish makes ironing much easier. Suitable for washing at 60°C. Benefits: Due to the use of high-tech DRYNESS yarn® fibre and mesh structure, the knitted fabric: • Efficiently wicks away excess moisture from the body surface and dries quickly • Provides excellent body ventilation • Prevents odours and does not irritate the skin • Gives UV protection Manufacturer: Klopman (Italy) Benefits: This high cotton content fabric provides air penetration to cool the body and facilitate the evaporation of moisture from the skin's surface. The low-wrinkle finish makes ironing much easier and is suitable for frequent hightemperature washing. Bamboo Fabric 47% bamboo 50% microfibre 3% spandex density 165 g/m2 Montblanc Dryness Fabric 100% polyester density 125 g/m2 The modern softshell material, which has been introduced to workwear from the sports and outdoor clothing sector, has a number of advantages. Softshell consists of three layers: polyester with water-repellent finish, membrane and fleece. This combination of layers provides elasticity, vapour permeability and water repellent properties of the fabric with low weight and low material thickness. Softshell Fabric Upper layer 94% polyester, 6% spandex, with waterrepellent finish, density 130 g/m2 Membrane Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) membrane 0.012 mm thick, water resistance 8000 mm a.s.l., vapour permeability 3000 g/ m2 in 24 hours, density 30 g/m22 Fleece 100% polyester, density 160 g/m2 94% polyester 6% elastane density 320 g/m2 60% cotton 40% polyester density 155 g/m2 Panacea Fabric 50% cotton 50% polyester density 180 g/m2 Charlotte Fabric Manufacturer: Klopman (Italy) Benefits: K-Flex is a new range of fabrics that combines the elastic properties of XLA elastolefin fibre with the strength of polyester and the comfort properties of cotton. XLA fibre is capable of repeated stretching and returning to its original state. Through this feature the fabric has elasticity that retains the shape and fit of the garment on the figure for a long time. Low-wrinkle finish greatly simplifies ironing. The fabric is suitable for frequent high heat washing. The fabric meets the OEKO-TEX® 100 Class 1 standard, which means it is safe even for delicate children's skin. 49% cotton 49% polyester 2% elastolefin density 200 g/m2 K-Flex 200 Fabric Indestructible Fabric 65% polyester 35% cotton density 245 g/m2 Benefits: The presence of ultra-fine EslonTM fibres provides good thermal bonding and excellent thermal insulation. The technology of insulation production avoids fibre migration through the top of the product. Does not require complicated maintenance. It retains its structure after washing and drying, without reducing the thermal insulation. Superbandmaster Fabric 65% полиэфир 35% хлопок плотность 210 г/м2 65 polyester cotton density 210 g/m2 HACCP Manufacturer: Klopman (Italy) Durability The durability of the fabric is ensured due to the high content of polyester fibre, which creates other advantages over 100% cotton fabrics - for example, the material has very low shrinkage (no more than 2%), a high level of wrinkle resistance & high colour fastness after washing. The appearance of clothes made of this fabric does not change after numerous washings. Comfort The fabric contains sufficient cotton to absorb moisture and has a unique 2/1 twill yarn construction, through which the maximum possible amount of air penetrates to cool the body and facilitate the evaporation of moisture from the skin surface. "Indestructible" meets the highest requirements of all ETSA standards, which confirms the best qualities of the fabric. Overalls made of it are widely used in a wide range of fields, such as health care, food, light and heavy industry, machinery assembly, energy, mining, transport & trade. OEKO-TEX ® Standard 100 is a worldwide independent testing and certification system for textile products guaranteeing that products have been tested for harmful substances. OEKO-TEX ® STeP stands for Sustainable Textile Production and is a worldwide certification system for environmentally friendly and socially responsible production facilities in the textile industry. TECHNOLOGIES AND MATERIAS TYPES Industrial laundry The European Textile Service Association (ETSA) has developed new, very strict standards for the requirements for the properties of fabrics subjected to industrial washing, concerning aspects such as shrinkage, pilling, tensile strength, crumple recovery.

Fabric 65% полиэфир 35% хлопок плотность 210 г/м2 65 polyester cotton density 210 g/m2 Superbandmaster 4 4.210 Chef Hat CHEF Color: white Trousers UNIVERSAL Color: black 3.971 for men 3.963 for ladies Chef Jacket PROVENCE Color: white 3.948 for men 3.935 for ladies PROVENCE COLLECTION PROVENCE Chef Jacket PROVENCE Color: black 3.951 for men 3.936 for ladies 4.199 Chef Beret SCHWARTZ Color: black HACCP Customization available Moisture-wicking back from knitted fabric 50% cotton 50% polyester density 180 g/m2 Charlotte Main Fabric 100% polyester density 125 g/m2 Montblanc Dryness Back Fabric Montblanc Dryness Air vents

INGA Customization available* Customization available* 6 7 4.381 Ladies Trousers NOIR Color: black Ladies Trousers INGA* 4.235 Color: light grey 4.301 Color: white Ladies Trousers INGA* 4.301 Color: white TROUSERS Bamboo Fabric 47% bamboo 50% microfibre 3% spandex density 165 g/m2 49% cotton 49% polyester 2% elastolefin density 200 g/m2 K-Flex 200 Fabric Stretch fabrics - freedom of movement

ULTRA Inside patch pocket Sleeves with button width adjustment Fabric 65% polyester 35% cotton density 210 g/m2 Customization available Customization available Superbandmaster 9 8 ULTRA-2 COLLECTION Jacket ULTRA-2 Color: white 3.778 for ladies 3.779 for men Labcoat ULTRA-2 Color: white 3.774 for ladies 3.775 for men Trousers ULTRA-2 Color: white 3.776 for ladies 3.777 for men The back has a flap HACCP

ULTRA Fabric 65% polyester 35% cotton density 210 g/m2 Customization available Customization available Superbandmaster 11 10 ULTRA-2 COLLECTION Inside patch pocket Sleeve width adjustment Jacket ULTRA-2 Color: blue 3.937 for ladies 3.954 for men Trousers ULTRA-2 Color: blue 3.964 for ladies 3.980 for men A series of footwear produced by TECHNOAVIA Recommended for the food manufacturing industry ALBUS HACCP Elasticated waistband

13 Customization available 13 Chef Tunic FOODMAKER 4.360 Color: white 4.361 Color: white Trousers FOODMAKER 4.084 Color: white 4.364 Color: blue 8.241 Cap FOODMAKER Color: white FOODMAKER COLLECTION Two hidden buttons Fabric loop for apron strap FOODMAKER HACCP Inside patch pocket on the left side 60% cotton 40% polyester density 155 g/m2 Panacea Fabric

цены и полный ассортимент смотрите на сайте І Fabric 65% polyester 35% cotton density 210 g/m2 Customization available Superbandmaster 15 APRONS 4.597 Bib Apron GRILL Color: black and white Bib Apron GRILL 4.598 Color: white 4.599 Color: black Chef Bandana GRILL 8.342 Color: white 8.343 Color: black Chef Apron CLASS 3.463 Color: white 3.465 Color: black 4.257 Chef Hat CHEF Color: white 8.341 Bandana GRILL Color: black and white APRONS HACCP 65% polyester 35% cotton density 215 g/m2 65% polyester 35% cotton oil repellent finish density 200 g/m2

FRIDGE Insulated Jacket FRIDGE-2 2.905 Color: white 2.903 Color: blue Insulated Vest FRIDGE-2 2.907 Color: white 2.902 Color: blue 2.906 Color: red Insulated Trousers FRIDGE-2 2.901 Color: white 2.904 Color: blue 17 16 FRIDGE-2 COLLECTION Recommended for Cold Stores NEW Knitted Insulated Suit ALBATROS 4.647 Vest 4.648 Trousers Feelgood Micro Insulation 100% polyester density 150 g/m2 Duspo Fabric 100% polyester with water-repellent finish and PU coating density 70 g/m2 Detachable insulated back with straps Stand collar insulated inside with fleece

WORKWEAR Customization available* 19 18 For technicians, logistics, and warehouse workers of food manufacturing 3.257 Softshell Jacket DUNAY Color: shell – seagreen, fleece lining – turquoise 3.142 Softshell Trousers DUNAY Color: shell – seagreen, fleece lining – turquoise Insulated Jacket DUNAY 2.016 for ladies 2.326 for men 8.037 Cap DUNAY Insulated Bib Overall DUNAY 2.030 for ladies 2.350 for men Jacket DUNAY* 3.310 for ladies 3.308 for men Trousers DUNAY* 3.311 for ladies 3.307 for men DUNAY COLLECTION Color: seagreen, contrast: turquoise Softshell Fabric 94% polyester 6% elastane density 320 g/m2 Upper Fabric: 100% polyester, membrane with water-repellent finish Density 190 g/m2 Insulation: Shelter® Micro 120 g/m2 Jacket (3 layers) Overall (2 layers) Fabric 65% полиэфир 35% хлопок плотность 210 г/м2 polyester cotton density 210 g/m2 Superbandmaster

HI-VIS WORWEAR 20 21 Hazards that requiring High-visibility Clothing Limited Visibility Low Contrast Lighting Vehicle Collision Potential Class 2 (chest circumference size 96 cm and more) Class 1 (chest circumference size up to 92 cm) 3.230 Hi-Vi Vest ECONOM Color: fluorescent yellow 4.300 Ladies Hi-Vis Worksuit LUMOS Color: fluorescent yellow with dark blue Class 2 See the entire Helios collection on the website Softshell Fabric 94% polyester 6% elastane density 320 g/m2 HELIOS COLLECTION 4.503 Men's High-visibility Jacket HELIOS Class 2 4.527 Men's Highvisibility Bib Overall Class 1 The jacket and trousers HELIOS correspond to the 3rd class of signal clothing of high visibility Color: fluorescent red and dark-grey Color: upper – fluorescent orange and fluorescent yellow, fleece lining – grey Indestructible Retroreflective Fabric 65% polyester 35% cotton density 245 g/m2 Luminex Main Fabric 85% polyester 15% cotton with oil-repellent finish density 270 g/m2 4.219 Softshell Jacket SUNRISE Class 3 4.220 Softshell Trousers SUNRISE Class 1 Indestuctible Fabric 65% polyester 35% cotton density 245 g/m2 100% polyester density 215 g/m2

23 22 Fabric: 100% PVC (polyvinyl chloride) density 250 g/m2 100% polyester PVC-coated density 500 g/m WATERPROOF WORKWEAR Raincoat POSEIDON, PVC coated, nylon 3.217 Color: dark blue 3.219 PVC Suit FISHERMAN(jacket and bib overall) Color: orange 3.166 Raincoat 3.167 Suit Color: dark blue CYCLONE COLLECTION For working in severe weather conditions: in the fisheries fish-processing industry agroindustrial complex Sealed seams Resistant to fish oil & seawater Sealed seams

24 25

KNITWEAR A wide range of T-Shirts and Polo Shirts in a variety of colors Customization available 26 27 Royal Blue Cornflower Blue Yellow Lime Green Red Maroon Black Navy White Heather Grey Dark Grey Sublimation Polo Shirt 90% polyester, 10% spandex density 200 g/m2 MOQ applies – Each colour/ Model – 100Pcs Polyester Polo Shirt 100% polyester density 160 g/m2 Check with our Sales Manager for Color availability Long Sleeve Polo Shirt 100% cotton density 180 g/m2 also available in short sleeve model Cool Tex Polo Shirt top layer: 100% polyester bottom layer: 52% cotton + 48% polyester density 220 g/m2 Sequal Polo Shirt 54% seaqual + 46% cotton BIO density 200 g/m2 T-Shirt 100% cotton density 160 g/m2 Long Sleeve T-Shirt 100% cotton density 180 g/m2 4.050 Light Grey 4.052 Cornflower Blue 4.053 Dark Blue 4.054 Red 4.055 Grey Knitted Jacket ACTIVE 100% polyester with water-repellent finish density of 110 g/m2 4.261 Blue melange, navy blue trim 4.263 Grey melange, black trim Fleece Jacket SOFT 100% polyester, density 250 g/m 2 2.274 Grey, Dark Grey Trim 2.279 Blue, Cornflower Blue Trim

HEADWEAR Customization available* 28 29 HEADWEAR 8.154 Balaclava FOODMAKER Color: white 4.199 Chef Beret SCHWARTZ* Color: black 8.241 Cap FOODMAKER Color: white 4.257 Chef Hat CHEF Color: white 119400 Disposable Spunbond Color: white Disposable Hat CHARLOTTE 4.210 Chef Hat CHEF* Color: white, black trim 8.071 Chef Hat Color: white 8.342 Bandana GRILL* Color: white 8.343 Bandana GRILL* Color: black 8.341 Bandana GRILL* Color: black and white 7.964 White 7.963 Blue

Special order Special order 30 31 50.080 Boots ALBUS 50.077 insulated model 50.330 Insulated High-toe Boots ALBUS 50.327 High Ankle Boots ALBUS Line of safety footwear with Protective Toe Cap manufactured by TECHNOAVIA 5.397 Perforated Low Ankle Boots ALBUS 5.585 without Metal Toe Cap 5.395 Low Ankle Boots ALBUS 5.584 without Metal Toe Cap ALBUS COLLECTION Microfiber FOOTWEAR

32 33 5.802 Low Ankle Perforated Boots SCHWARTZ 50.072 without Protective Toe Cap 5.826 High Ankle Boots SCHWARTZ 5.828 Low Ankle Boots SCHWARTZ 5.827 Low Ankle Boots SCHWARTZ with Elastic Bands 50.074 without Protective Toe Cap Optimal offer of non-hygroscopic footwear for food processing plants COLLECTION Microfiber Line of safety footwear with Protective Toe Cap manufactured by TECHNOAVIA

Line of safety footwear with Protective Toe Cap manufactured by TECHNOAVIA 34 35 PVC COLLECTION 50.002 PVC Boots FARM white 50.003 with Metal Toe Cap 50.000 PVC Boots PRISMA-2 blue with Metal Toe Cap 50.008 PVC Boots FOREST olive 5.980 Special Boots EVA NORDMAN ACTIVE S with Plastic Cap PU COLLECTION 5.983 PVC Boots NORDMAN ALIDA black for ladies 5.602 PVC Boots NORDMAN BEAT black 50.303 in white color 5.978 PVC Boots POLYGARD available with or without Metal Toe Cap 5.975 PVC Boots EXTRAGARD available with or without Metal Toe Cap 50.246 PVC Boots POLYGARD white available with or without Metal Toe Cap

36 37 27.000 Safety Shoes BENCH S3 SRC 27.001 Safety Shoes ASCENT S3 SRC 12.273 Safety Shoes OWENS S1 P SRC 27.057 Safety Shoes COOL ESD S3 SRC 27.185 Safety Shoes TEMPUS 5608 S1 P SRC 27.186 Safety Shoes GREEN LINE 6468 EKO S3 SRC SAFETY JOGGER PROFESSIONAL - stylish and comfortable footwear with foot support and non-slip sole. Made in Belgium 27.073 Safety Clogs SONIC EVA + Rubber 27.070 Safety Clogs SMOOTH EVA + Rubber 27.088 Safety Shoes ELIANE Genuine Leather 27.068 Safety Clogs BESTLIGHT 1 EVA + Rubber 27.072 Safety Shoes BESTNURSE Textile 27.067 Safety Clogs BESTCLOG EVA + Rubber 27.005 Safety Shoes KASSIE 3D-Mesh 27.087 Safety Shoes ELIS Genuine Leather

38 39 MECHANICAL GLOVE COLLECTION 27.022 TEGERA 860 Mechanical Glove Nylon 27.041 CITY NITRILE Multipurpose Glove Polyester + Nitrile 12.211 TEGERA 8800 INFINITY Mechanical Glove Nylon + Nitrile Coating 27.148 SKYTEC RECON Crinkle Latex Coated Glove Recycled Polyester + Cotton 12.212 BMG201 Mechanical Glove Polyester + Nitrile Coating + Sandy Finish 27.168 TEGERA 737 Mechanical Glove Nylon + Sandy Finish 12.191 TEGERA 43001 Cut Resistance Level B Glove CRF® Technology + Lycra® + Nylon Liner with PU Coating + Textile Cuff 12.197 TEGERA 8807 INFINITY Cut Resistance Level D Glove CRF® Technology + Glass Fibre Thread + Nylon + Spandex 12.203 TEGERA 913 Cut Resistance Glove CRF® Technology + Glass Fibre Thread + Polyester Liner 8.259 SKYTEC KOPTER Cut Resistance Sleeve CHEMICAL GLOVE COLLECTION 8.614 UNITECH Rubber Glove Natural Rubber 8.608 UNITECH D Chemical Glove Flock Lined Nitrile 12.229 SHOWA 720 Nitrile Coated Glove Nylon + Polyester + Nitrile coating 12.237 SHOWA 660 PVC Gloves Cotton liner + PVC Coating 12.238 Сut model 27.150 SHOWA CHM Unsupported Latex/ Neoprene Coating with an Embossed Grip 12.230 SHOWA 772 Longsleeve Chemical Gloves Cotton Liner + Nitrile Coating 27.132 HAIKA NX510 Disposable Glove Nitrile 27.134 SKYTEC TX424 Disposable Glove Nitrile 27.133 SKYTEC TEAL Disposable Glove Nitrile DISPOSABLE GLOVES RANGE HAND PROTECTION

40 41 INSULATED GLOVE COLLECTION 12.266 FLEECE PRO Fleece Glove Polyester 12.241 ICE PRO Leather Glove Natural Grain Leather 27.149 SKYTEC ARGON Insulated Glove Polyester + Acrylic Lining 8.507 FREJUS Insulated Glove Polyester + Acrylic Lining 27.034 TEGERA 8810 Insulated Glove Polyester 27.181 TEGERA 299 Thermal Waterproof Glove Neoprene + Polyester 27.180 TEGERA 595 Thermal Waterproof Glove Natural Grain Leather + Thinsulate 27.182 TEGERA 296 Thermal Waterproof Glove Natural Grain Leather + Thinsulate HAND PROTECTION

42 43 PPE SAFETY EYEWEAR COLLECTION 27.137 STEAM EVO Safety Glasses Clear & Dark Options available 27.138 TILLA Safety Spectacles Clear & Dark Options available 27.166 RILEY RX Complete Prescription Safety Eyewear Solution available in different options Single Vision / Transitional / Progressive) EAR PROTECTION COLLECTION 27.179 M2 Medium Attenuation Ear Defender Earmuffs 27.178 H5 High Attenuation Ear Defender Earmuffs 27.176 EP12 Corded Earplugs Disposable Foam 27.177 EP20 Corded Metal Detectable Earplugs Disposable Foam RESPIRATORY PROTECTION COLLECTION HEAD PROTECTION COLLECTION 27.141 Respirator AC-2V FFP2 Protection 27.143 Respirator AC-3V FFP3 Protection 27.144 Respirator AF-3V FFP3 Protection 27.142 Respirator AF-2V FFP2 Protection 27.187 Alpha Sentinel Half Face Mask 27.188 Alpha Sentinel Full Face Mask 27.189 Safety Helmet ROCKMAN C6R 27.190 Safety Helmet RADIUS 27.191 Bump Cap SYNTIS 27.152 BMC02 Protective Suit Type 5/6 A1 A2 P3H P3S ABEK1 P3P Protects from organic vapours Protects from organic vapours Protects from non-toxic dusts and oil/water-based particulates Protects from non-toxic dusts and oil/water-based particulates Protects from organic vapours, inorganic, acid gases, ammonia and ammoniacal derivatives Combine with any gas and vapour filter FILTERS 27.175 EP11 Uncorded Earplugs Disposable Foam

44 45 12.625 HACCPER Evatex apron with sleeves 204×127 cm, 100 mcm, color blue (732000) 12.626 HACCPER Evate apron, 150×83 cm, 100 mcm, color blue (730115) Compliant with TR TS 019/2011 and TR TS 021/2011.Approved for food production.Reduce the risks of physical and chemical contamination of products.Do not absorb odours and contaminants, easy to clean and disinfect.Non-toxic material, odourless, does not cause allergic reactions. Durable material: elastic at low temperatures, no cracking, no crumbling, high resistance to tearing, abrasion and punctures.High resistance to fats, oils, disinfectants and detergents. Material: ethylene vinyl acetate Long service life, withstands up to 15 machine wash cycles (at 40 °C) Operating temperature range -20 to +60 °C Material: 100% polyurethane Long service life, withstands up to 60 machine wash cycles (at 40 °C) Operating temperature range -80 to +60 °C PPE One-piece aprons and reusable PPE 12.627 Apron HACCPER Evatex 150×83 cm, 200 mcm, color blue (730215) HACCPER Uretex apron 150×83 cm, 150 mcm 12.628 white 12.629 blue HACCPER Uretex 150 mcm, 100 pieces. 12.635 white 12.636 blue 12.630 Armbands HACCPER Evatex 46×22 cm, 100 mcm, colour blue, 1 pair (730150) HACCPER Uretex armbands 46×22 cm, 150 mcm, 1 pair 12.631 white 12.632 blue HACCPER Uretex Safegrip armbands 46×22 cm, 150 mcm, 5 pairs 12.633 white 12.634 blue

SAFETY WITH TASTE 47 Choose your Equipment

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